Digital in Africa : A big opportunity for international market

Is digital transforming Africa’s economic potential?

This is a question every leaders should ask.
We’ve seen a big boom of internet use. Since mobile and particularly smartphones are accessible to everyone, we can notice the creating of new target markets and unprecedented consumer choice. Start-ups are rising, financial sector is growing faster with the arrival of finetechs, agriculture, health and every sectors are enjoying new opportunities brought by internet. Capitalising on these potential opportunities demands a complete rethink of customer engagement and business development strategies.

How to reach your goals thanks to digital ?

To give the best answer for this big question, we have to understand the context. Digital is continously growing in Africa. Population are using internet to educate themself, find solutions for them daily challenges, for entertainment or business, while companies are still providing solutions and innovation.

To have a better understanding of the african digital environment, let’s take a look to with this infographics :

How is it an opportunity ?

The african ecosystem is full of opportunities. Many innovations that have already make proof in other ecosystems can be added in our landscape. Africa is like a virgin area in several surroundings. With an growing population and digital companies, Africa is the continent where investors can help with them experiences, funds and knowledge.

Investing in a fast growing area, this is the opportunity offered by Africa.

Benefits for companies

For companies, digital is a huge opportunity to easily reach the customers and consumers and meet their expectations. It helps have a better comprehension of what they what allowing organizations to create, sell and distribute the specific needed product or service at the moment the need it and where they want to get it.

Digital is an opportunity for companies to be have more visibility to make customers find us easily. It a way to increase conversion and have more customers thanks to a best lead generation process.

It’s also a great way to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention three things that are  important for business survival and growth

Internally, digital transformation makes processes more fluid and managing all departments of the company becomes an easier and more intuitive task. For international groups, it’s a way to make your way of working more scalable to your african division.

Ultimately Big data, virtual reality, advanced reality, robotics artificial intelligence all of those “buzzwords” are nw reality in the world, including Africa.

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